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EFL Cup Championship Winners Name List, Check also Most Popular Team

English Football League Championship often recommend as the Sky Bet Championship for sponsorship reasons is founded in 2004. The league in all has 22 teams taking part in the league where there are 2 teams from Wales being a part of the league. So check EFL Cup Championship Winners.

EFL League in all has 24 teams competing for the winning title of the tournament. EFL Championship is the promotion to Premier League and relegation to League One. The current champions of the league are Norwich City.

Check out all the details about the EFL Cup Championship Winners name list, which is the most popular team here on this page. Newcastle United is the most successful team in the tournament.

EFL Cup Championship Winners

EFL Cup Championship Winners Name List

EFL Cup Championship is one since 2004 here the first champions for the league are the Sunderland. The current winners of the league are Norwich City where they have won the title for the second time since the launch of the tournament. It was a score of 2-0 in the tournament 2020-21.

The runners-up for 2004-05 are the Wigan Athletic with the play-off winner to be West Ham United. The current runners-up of the league are the Watford. The relegated teams for the championship to LEague One 2021-21 are the Wycombe Wanderers, Rotherham United, Sheffield Wednesday.

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Check out the list of the EFL Cup Championship winners name from 2004-05 till 2020-21.

2007-08West Bromwich Albion
2008-09Wolverhampton Wanderers
2009-10Newcastle United
2010-11Queens Park Rangers
2012-13Cardiff City
2013-14Leicester City
2016-17Newcastle United
2017-18Wolverhampton Wanderers
2018-19Norwich City
2019-20Leeds United
2020-21Norwich City

EFL Cup Championship Runners Up

The runner-up of the tournament during the first season of the launch that is 2004-05 is the Wigan Athletic. It is on the score of 1-0 the team came up as the runners-up.

The current runners-up of the team are Watford where their matches were against Norwich City where the score is 2-0. The play-off runners-up are Swansea City which is their 4th.

2004-05Wigan Athletic
2005-06Sheffield United
2006-07Birmingham City
2007-08Stoke City
2008-09Birmingham City
2009-10West Bromwich Albion
2010-11Norwich City
2012-13Hull City
2016-17Brighton & Hove Albion
2017-18Cardiff City
2018-19Sheffield United
2019-20West Bromwich Albion

EFL Cup Championship Most Popular Teams

The most popular club for the league is Newcastle United which is an English professional football club. The club comes into existence in 1892 that is 128 years ago. They are in the Premier League 12th of 20.

Mike Ashley is the owner of the club whereas Lee Charnley is the managing director of the club.

The second most popular club of the tournament is Norwich City a professional football club comes into existence in 1902. The owner of the club is Delia Smith and Michael Wynn-Jones and the head coach is Daniel Farke.

The ground for the club is Carrow Road with a capacity of 27, 359. The third most popular team of the league is the Reading Football club established in 1871 which is 150 years ago The ground for the club is the Madejski Stadium with a capacity of 24, 161.

The top three most popular teams of the league are

  • Newcastle united
  • Norwich City
  • Reading

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