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GTA Online reveals the long-awaited feature in the Winter Update

Dataminers have discovered evidence in Grand Theft Auto Online that Rockstar intends to add a quality-of-life feature that has been requested for a long time. The leak reveals the long-awaited feature in the Winter Update.

Dataminers have discovered that Rockstar might be planning to include a much-desired quality-of-life feature in the next version of Grand Theft Auto Online.Grand Theft Auto Online receives major updates slowly, but when they do arrive, players quickly adapt to the new content.

Grand Theft Auto Online’s “Winter Update” is currently being talked about, and there are signs that it will include some features that players have requested.

Grand Theft Auto 5 source code was leaked in the middle of November, which led to rumors about new content. The portion of the leak that was related to Grand Theft Auto Online was still relatively thin. In any case, there were a few fascinating subtleties with regard to what was spilled.

For instance, allusions to Dax, the acid lab, and Juggalos in the single-player campaign. Although that is not certain, Leakers predicted that these were allusions to upcoming Grand Theft Auto Online patch content.

A mention of “DOWNTOWN_CAB” in the leak is particularly intriguing. This comment initially caused some consternation, but it could have been referring to a variety of different potential additions to Grand Theft Auto Online.

A Rockstar survey sent to Grand Theft Auto Online players later asking about potential GTA+ subscription content has prompted many to reconsider. One of the potential augmentations referenced was “Moment Quick Travel” around Terrific Burglary Auto Online’s guide.

Players of Grand Theft Auto Online have made the connection that a feature that would enable players to use a taxi service to travel quickly could be added. There is currently a taxi service in Grand Theft Auto Online, but there is no fast travel option.

However, the single-player campaign of Grand Theft Auto 5 allows for rapid taxi travel. Players can pay extra to skip directly to their chosen destination. This feature should be added to Grand Theft Auto Online for players who are just moving around the map without having to switch to passive mode.

The topic of rapid travel has previously been the subject of some discussion within the Grand Theft Auto Online community. Because moving around the map manually is a part of the game’s appeal, many players have viewed fast travel as a potential drawback.

However, as more content has been added to Grand Theft Auto Online, it has become more logical to include features that allow players to instantly travel when necessary. Rockstar has offered a few of these features, but they are all limited.

Whether Rockstar actually intends to include a taxi service fast travel system in a Grand Theft Auto Online winter update or later is completely unknown. The leaks are intriguing, but not entirely trustworthy.

Rockstar might alter its mind, or the rumors might be incorrect. Nevertheless, Grand Theft Auto Online players will undoubtedly be more focused on fast travel in 2023.

Fantastic Robbery Auto Online is accessible now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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