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ICC’s three newest Members – Switzerland, Mongolia, and Tajikistan All you need to know about it

The International Council cricket (ICC) welcomes three new members; Mongolia, Tajikistan, and Switzerland on Sunday, July 18 at the 78th Annual greeting. ICC cancel its membership with Russia and Zambia for non-compliance with body membership criteria. Mongolia and Tajikistan are welcome as 22nd and 23rd members of the Asia region, whereas Switzerland is Europe’s 35th member. So check out here ICC three newest Team add in 2021: Mongolia, Tajikistan, and Switzerland All you need to know about it.

ICC three newest Team add in 2021: Mongolia, Tajikistan, and Switzerland

Now in total ICC is compromising with 106 members including 94 associates. The ICC General Manager share “We are delighted to be welcoming three new Members into the ICC family, which reflects the growth and potential of the global game. All three applications demonstrated an impressive commitment to growing the game – particularly amongst women and youth – and we look forward to assisting them in achieving their potential,”



  1. The president of Mongolia cricket association says that it is a fundamental step towards the establishment of a coherent structure
  2. The cricket association are mainly going to focus School programme and to provide good facility to upcoming generation also.
  3. In 16 school the coaching programme going on, there is emeging junior cricket structure and in the year 2019 cricket was officially into National Youth Games
  4. Also in September 2021, Mongolia is going to host a International Youth green games where cricket is one of the particpating sport
  5. Also there is women cricket in Mongolia where 39% where female cricketers are participating in the school cricket


Image Credit: ICC

Benefits of ICC Membership;

  1. On being a part of ICC the cricket president of Switzerland says  “This is a reward for all the people involved in cricket in Switzerland.”
  2. Also the ICC will help them for the further developing of cricket in the country and they are highly excited to take a new lead.
  3. Switzerland was first played in the year 1817, the CS consits of 33 active clubs there are three domestic men’s competition.


ICC three newest Team add in 2021:  Mongolia, Tajikistan, and Switzerland

Benefits of ICC Membership

  1. The president of Tajikistan cricket said “We are very confident that we can successfully grow cricket in Tajikistan.”for being asoociate with ICC.
  2. Also from the membership they are going t increase some facilaties, they will increase the capabilities of fields and there will be high performance programs of both men’s and women’s junior and senior.
  3. They are also going to develop the infrastructure and domestic structure where it will focus junior and wo

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