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Indian test Captain Virat Kohli get angry in the middle of the match, said – the whole country is against my team in stump mic

India and South Africa are playing 3rd test match in Cape Town, in which Indian Test captain Virat Kohli appeared very upset with the decision of DRS.

Its sight was captured in the camera when he went near the stump and expressed his displeasure.

A video related to this issue is getting viral on social media very fast. This is all matter which is related to this incident, we are going to tell you through this report.

IndanTest Captain Virat Kohli get angry on DRS result

When R Ashwin came to bowl and in front of him was the African captain, Dean Elgar, at the crease. Ashwin bowled the ball to Elgar and the Indian team appealed for LBW.

The umpire also declared captain Dean Elgar out. But, when Team India take review, the decision got reversed.

The third umpire declared him not out. By this decision, even Indian test captain Virat Kohli get surprised by this decision. because in fact, the ball was missing the wicket

Not only, Kohli, but even Ravichandran Ashwin also get Surprised because Ashwin bowled the ball from around the wicket.

While the left-hander Elgar tried to play the ball on the leg side by extending the front leg a little.

Dean Elgar keep the bat straight but, the ball is deep inside and it started leaving the bat and going to the next pad.

After this, on the strong appeal of Team India, the on-field umpire Murray Erasmus declared him out.

In DRS Africa has been rigged according to Indian test Captain Virat Kohli

Allauddin Palekar of South Africa is the third umpire in this match, by his decision Ashwin also appeared very disappointed.

He came to Mike Stump and said ‘Supersport doesn’t do this. After this Virat Kohli got so angry that he clearly pointed out that during the DRS, Africa has been rigged.

He came to the stump mic and expressed his displeasure and said

‘Focus on your team and shine the ball at the same time. Don’t just focus on the opposition team. All the time trying to catch people. The whole country is playing against my team.