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Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup Winners Name of all Season

International Hockey Federation (FIH) is the organization that organizes field hockey’s world championship every four years. The first hockey world cup was held in 1971, and it was held by Spain in Barcelona. Since then, 14 events have been completed up to 2018, and the next event is scheduled for 2022. Pakistan was the first team to win the hockey world championship after defeating Spain during the championship final 1-1. Check Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup Winners Name of all Season.

It was expanding field hockey’s range and was given a major boost when the very first version of the Men’s Hockey World Cup was held in 1971. The possibility of a Hockey World Cup was first mooted by India and Pakistan at the course of an International Hockey Federation (FIH) committee meeting in March 1969.


Mens FIH Hockey World Cup Winners Name of all Season

Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup Winners Name of all Season

YearWinnerRunner-upFinal ScoreHost
1973NetherlandsIndia2-2 (4-2 in Penalty Strokes)Netherlands
1994PakistanNetherlands1-1 (4-3 in Penalty Strokes)Australia
2018BelgiumNetherlands0-0 (3-2 in penalty shoots)India

World Cup 2021

The FIH Men’s Hockey Junior World Cup 2021 was played in Bhubaneswar, Odisha between November 24-December 5, 2021. The top 16 teams were part of the tournament, which included India, Germany, Belgium, Argentina, Canada, South Africa, Egypt, Pakistan, Korea, Malaysia, Poland, France, Chile, Spain, the USA, and the Netherlands.

 Pakistan is represented by the Pakistan Hockey Federation chief Air Marshal Nur Khan who was a keen sports fan who was also the country’s head of the federation’s squash and cricket – proposed to have the inaugural Hockey World Cup be held in Pakistan. (Nur Khan is also known as the person who came up with the concept behind the Hockey Champions Trophy.)

Despite this, a world of politics inside the Indian subcontinent prompted the choice that Spain was picked as the host for the primary Hockey World Cup. The Hockey World Cup prize, with a stature of 61cm It was planned by specialists from the Pakistan Army, who made it of silver and gold.

 Each year the top teams from the world came together to compete for Olympic gold medal, the most prestigious distinction in hockey. It was won by the Asian teams and the Asian teams, with India as the sole winner of eight golds while Pakistan three.

The Asian stranglehold started to diminish in the 1970s, as the world was moving towards natural grass areas, and toward Astroturfs, artificial grass surfaces designed for hockey. The new surface also saw an evolution in the game as the fitter and faster European nations started to compete for more.

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