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Reaching the top five in doubles was a dream come true, but we can go further: Chirag Shri

When Satwik and Chirag won their first bronze medal at the World Championships in 2022, led India to an epic victory at the Thomas Cup, won gold at the Commonwealth Games, and won two World Tour titles, they set new standards.

Chirag Shetty and Satwiksairaj Rankireddy, two of the best badminton doubles players in India, want to use their success to win the All England championships, qualify for the Paris Olympics, and possibly rise to the top of the world. In badminton, one team plays doubles.

When Satwik and Chirag won the India Open Super 500 and the French Open Super 750 in 2022, they set new standards. They also won bronze for the first time at the World Championships, led India to an incredible victory in the Thomas Cup, and won gold at the Commonwealth Games.

“We have the same objectives this year: basically win crucial competitions like the All England, where we haven’t won a medal yet. “I guess, a good show in 4-5 events in a year will be good enough to seal the Olympic qualification,” Chirag stated in an interview with PTI. They were unsuccessful. first place, a record-breaking high. because they finished fifth in the fag at the end of last year, an unprecedented success. The next objective, according to Chirag, is to finish in the top three.

“Reaching the top five was a dream for us,” he stated, “We believe we are capable of going higher.” This season, we want to finish in the top three. We are able to say no as a result: We do not want to continue focusing on being the world’s best business. 1, also. There will need to be consistency.” Satwik, who was 22 years old, and Chirag, who was 25 years old, could not make it past the group stage at the Olympics in 2021, which was a heartbreaking experience for them. Despite winning two matches, Satwik and Chirag were unable to advance beyond the group stage. Their stunning victory over the Tokyo Games champions was one of their victories after a three-way tie was broken by games won and lost.

“If we are able to do that in the first half, then we will be able to really focus on big events like the World Championships, Asian Games, and the World Tour Finals,” Chirag stated. If we are able to accomplish that in the first half, we will be able to really concentrate on major events like the World Championships, Asian Games, and World Tour Finals.

“Because there will be more events, we will send entries for events larger than 500. If we do well in the first two, we will skip the next event to rest our bodies. The most important takeaway for 2022 was the duo’s ability to perform admirably in difficult situations.

In one area, we have been successful in maintaining a certain level. We mostly participated in the quarterfinals and semifinals, with a few exceptions, because we wanted to be consistent. Therefore, changing one’s mindset is the most important thing,” he stated.

“By maintaining our focus under pressure, we have been able to win matches even when we were not performing at our best. “Good players know how to win games even when they play poorly; You need those tricks to escape, no matter how badly you play, so you have to play at a certain level to play at a certain level.” Chirag asserts that they have also improved their defense, despite their initial reputation for attacking play. “We have never relied on our defense to win games, but at the moment we can turn points scored on defense into points scored on offense,” the team declared. The extensive training has resulted in significant improvements to our defense.

“Before, we were only getting opportunities rather than creating them,” they stated. We can now travel wherever we please thanks to the shuttle.” Additionally, their success is largely due to the great Danish musician Mathias Boe. “The fact that we have mostly worked with Boe has helped us. We wanted to win big competitions. We worked out with him for two weeks prior to the Asia Badminton Championship and the Thomas Cup.

Satwik and Chirag still trail two pairs, despite significant progress: Indonesia’s Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo and Marcus Fernaldi Gideon are 11-0, while Malaysia’s Aaron Chia and Soh Wooi Yik are 7-0. “The majority of games against them are close because they play in a way that is similar to ours. It is highly unlikely that we will ever be able to cross them. “We are confident that we will be able to cross the barrier this year,” Chirag stated.

There is no significant difference because they are not competing at a higher level. Simply put, we need to improve our decision-making skills in those crucial areas.

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