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Rumors about Kyrie Irving: After starting the year off with off-the-court drama, Kyrie Irving has managed to keep his focus on basketball in recent weeks

Kyrie Irving has managed to keep his focus on basketball in recent weeks

Chris Broussard makes a case for the Brooklyn Nets to consider a max contract for the superstar guard.

The Brooklyn Nets’ rise to the top of the Eastern Conference standings has been aided by the All-Star guard’s return to his former self-image.

In his 28 appearances thus far this year, Kyrie Irving has averaged 26.2 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 4.6 assists.

With a 25-13 record, the Nets are in third place thanks to Durant’s MVP-caliber play.

This offseason, it appeared as though Irving was leaving the team.

Sign-and-trade rumors circulated prior to his player option exercise.

Brooklyn faces a significant decision as his free agency approaches.

A debate about what the Nets should do with Irving this summer broke out on a recent episode of “First Things First.”

Chris Broussard, an NBA insider, argued that he should be offered a max contract:

“Although I adore Kyrie, the only scenario in which I would consider giving him a four-year, 198 million-dollar contract is if we win the championship. “

The Lakers, LeBron would obviously want to give him everything he has. I have no idea what they will do.”

Should Kyrie Irving receive a max contract from the Brooklyn Nets this summer?

Chris Broussard put it perfectly.

The Brooklyn Nets will only give Kyrie Irving a max contract if they win the championship this season.

Outside of that, it’s hard to show why he should get one.

It was anticipated that the Nets would contend for multiple titles when they acquired Irving and Kevin Durant initially.

The All-Star point guard has played a significant role in their failure to live up to expectations.

He has consistently been absent from the lineup due to injuries and drama outside of basketball.

The Nets might be out of luck if KD stays with them for a long time.

They might ask Irving out once more if they don’t give him a good deal this summer.

There isn’t much that ties him to the organization now that his running mate is gone.

Kyrie Irving is unquestionably a top-tier player in this league, but it all comes down to results.

He is not worth the baggage he carries if he is not contributing to the success of his team.

Irving is experiencing positive developments as a result of the team’s turnaround.

He might get the contract he wants this summer if he can play at this level and stay out of the news.

Kyrie Irving has made numerous GoFundMe contributions

In this particular instance, Irving contributed more than half of the funds that were raised.

The Nets star contributed $22,000 out of the campaign’s $39,572 raised.

Alex Struble, one of the residents, said that he was “floored” by how much money was raised by the GoFundMe campaign.

Struble says that they thought they would only raise about $1000, but Kyrie’s donation was more than 20 times that.

The raised amount may not be enough to cover the losses, especially those to the property.

However, the nearly $40,000 that has been raised will undoubtedly go a long way toward helping the affected individuals regain their footing.

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