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SA vs IND: After 15 years Allahuddin Palekar is all ready for Test debut


SA vs IND is going to play their 2nd test match which starts from 3rd Jan, Where Allahudien paleker got chance as Umpire after 15 years in this match.

Johannesburg Test between India and South Africa will start today. In this match, a person Allahuddin Palekar is going to debut.

However, he had to wait a long 15 years for this. Cricket South Africa has also congratulated this person on his debut in a tweet.

SA vs IND match Allahudien paleker as Umpire

In this match, he will not go as a player, but as an umpire in his first Test. It took Palekar 15 years to reach here.

This journey has been very challenging for him. He has turned 44 just 2 days ago.

He will be the 57th person to officiate in Tests from South Africa.

At the same time, he will be the 497th person in the history of Test cricket to do so.

According to Cricket South Africa, Palekar comes from a family of umpires. His father Jamaluddin is also an umpire.

He also has an uncle, who is still an umpire. While his 2 cousins ​​are also working towards becoming umpires.

Allahudien paleker expresses his happiness

In SA vs IND match, he got a chance as an umpire and that’s why he is expressing his happiness.

Palekar said that,

“I started umpiring 15 years ago. It has taken me a long time to reach this point. It requires hard work, patience, and strong support from family. Because you stay away from home for a long time because of umpiring.”

Allahudien paleker further said,

“I have not participated in any family function or marriage for years. Because I didn’t have time due to umpiring. My wife Shakira made a lot of sacrifices during this time. I must also thank him for the support and restraint he has shown during my journey. She is really my strength and now with the pandemic things have become even more difficult. That’s why I want to enjoy this moment to the fullest.”

He expresses his gratitude to his father and said,

“My father was a big inspiration for me to reach the top and fulfill my dream which he could not achieve. He said that his father always wanted to become a first-class umpire, but he could not reach that stage and that’s why I am trying my best”

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