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Serie a Winners List of Every Season 2021, Most championships Team?

The Italian Football Champions, who are the annual of Serie A and it is known to be one of the best football league in the world. Whereas Internazionale is the current champion, While Juventus have won a record 36 titles. The country is one of the most competitive leagues especially after the entry of Juventus in the year 2000. Check Serie a Winners List of Every Season 2021, Which is Most championships?.

Whereas according to UEFA’s Serie A rank the third position of the European league, Whereas Inter Milan in over a decade they are celebrating their first Serie A title in the year 2020-21 which is very precious to them and its a huge victory to celebrate. So now let’s check out the complete details about the Serie a winners list of all seasons, Which is the Most championships?

Serie a Winners List of Every Season 2021, Which is Most championships?

Serie A Winner List From 2000-1/2021-22

2004-2005Not AwardedMilan

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Who is the most Championship of Serie A ?

Juventus FC club is the most successful team in an Italian football league they have a record of winning the title almost 34 times. Not only winning the title they also have a record to win the back-to-back titles 6 times they also have been runner up 18 times. In the past years, they were having some best football players but due to some reason, they have to left the team.

Which team is most successful team in Serie A ?

As mention above Juventus FC club with an overall title win of 34. They also hold a record by winning the title seven-time and the other one with 18 titles is done by Internazionale and AC Milan. Juventus was the first one to win the country’s first single elimination they have to make huge success in their career and gain a lot of fans following till now and doing well in their game.

List of Club who have win more than 5

Here is the list of clubs from 1929, who have won Serie A more than 5 times.

  1. Juventus -32 Wins
  2. Internazionale – 16 wins
  3. AC Milan – 15 wins
  4. Torino -6 wins

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