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La Liga winners name list of all seasons, Which is Most championships?

La Liga is the men’s top professional football division of the Spanish Football league system, there is 20 participating team. Each team has 38 matches every season and they have to play two games each against the rest of the team and the top two teams will go finale. Check La Liga winners name list of all seasons, Which is the Most championships?.

There is a total of 62 teams who have been participating in La Liga in which nine-team have a crown of the championship with Real Madrid winning the title record of 34 times and Barcelona 26 times. For the last seven years, La Liga is been the top league in Europe, it is one of the most famous professional sports. So now let’s check out the complete details about the La Liga Winner name list of all seasons, Which is the Most championships?

La Liga winners name list of all seasons, Which is Most championships?

La Liga winners from the season 2017 to 2021

  1. Winner of 2017-2018 Season; FC Barcelona were the winners of the season 2017 and 2018 as we know there were having good players and strategies they won against the runner up Atletico Madrid.
  1. Winner of 2018-2019 Season; FC Barcelona once again was the winner of the season 2018 and 2019 as they were having good teamwork they once again won against the runner up Real Madrid.
  2. Winner of 2019-2020 Season; Now the tables were turned and it was good and real-time to show the audience that Real Madrid is not lacking behind so this season they were the winner against the runner up FC Barcelona
  3. Winner of 2020-21 Season; This time Atletico Madrid was crowned for their championship they won against the runner-up Real Madrid the season was very interesting to watch.

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Last 10 year Winner List from 2008/9 to 2020/21

Here you can check the last recent 10-year winner list of La Liga, you can also check Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have won the championship often.

2008-2009FC BarcelonaReal Madrid
2009-2010FC BarcelonaReal Madrid
2010-2011FC BarcelonaReal Madrid
2011-2012Real MadridFC Barcelona
2012-2013FC BarcelonaReal Madrid
2013-2014Atletico MadridFC Barcelona
2014-2015FC BarcelonaReal Madrid
2015-2016FC BarcelonaReal Madrid
2016-2017Real MadridFC Barcelona
2017-2018FC BarcelonaAtletico Madrid
2018-2019FC BarcelonaAtletico Madrid
2019-2020Real MadridFC Barcelona
2020-2021Atletico MadridReal Madrid

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La Liga Team with most Trophies

The most trophies are with none other than Real Madrid they are the most successful clubs who have won with 34 titles and they did not end there, later on, they won three champions league titles and from that, they gain more respect and popularity. Whereas along with Real Madrid FC Barcelona won 26 titles at that time they were having some of the best footballers.

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