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Championship Fixtures For 2021-22 Announced

Champions fixtures one of the biggest professional football league fixtures for 2021/22 are announced. The matches for the championship will be launching this August 2021. So check Championship Fixtures 2021-22.

All the teams are set to kick start with the matches and journey towards winning the Championship trophy for 2021-22. Check out the list of fixtures for 2021-22 here on this page.

The fixtures for the championship will be starting this August 7, 2021, at 3:00 PM with the first fixture of the season taking place with A.F.C. Bournemouth vs West Bromwich Albion. Championship Fixtures 2021-22 List

Championship Fixtures 2021-22
Championship Fixtures 2021-22

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Championship Fixtures 2021-22 Announced

DateTeam 1Team 2
7 Aug 2021A.F.C. BournemouthWest Bromwich Albion
7 Aug 2021Blackburn RoversSwansea City
7 Aug 2021Bristol CityBlackpool
7 Aug 2021Cardiff CityBarnsley
7 Aug 2021Coventry CityNottingham Forest
7 Aug 2021Derby CountyHuddersfield Town
7 Aug 2021FulhamMiddlesbrough
7 Aug 2021Luton TownPeterborough United
7 Aug 2021Preston North EndHull City
7 Aug 2021Queens Park RangersMillwall
7 Aug 2021Sheffield UnitedBirmingham City
7 Aug 2021Stoke CityReading
14 Aug 2021Barnsley Coventry City
14 Aug 2021Birmingham CityStoke City
14 Aug 2021BlackpoolCardiff City
14 Aug 2021Huddersfield TownFulham
14 Aug 2021Hull cityQueens Park Ranger
14 Aug 2021MiddlesbroughBristol City
14 Aug 2021Millwall Blackburn Rovers
14 Aug 2021Nottingham Forest A.F.C. Bournemouth
14 Aug 2021Peterborough UnitedDerby County
14 Aug 2021Reading Preston North End
14 Aug 2021Swansea CitySheffield United
14 Aug 2021West Bromwich AlbionLuton Town
17 Aug 2021BarnsleyLuton Town
17 Aug 2021Blackpool Coventry City
17 Aug 2021Huddersfield TownPreston North End
17 Aug 2021MillwallFulham
17 Aug 2021Peterborough UnitedCardiff City
17 Aug 2021Swansea CityStoke City
18 Aug 2021Birmingham CityA.F.C. Bournemouth
18 Aug 2021Hull CityDerby County
18 Aug 2021Middlesbrough Queens Park Rangers
18 Aug 2021Nottingham ForestBlackburn Rovers
18 Aug 2021ReadingBristol City
18 Aug 2021West Bromwich AlbionSheffield United
21 Aug 2021A.F.C. BournemouthBlackpool
21 Aug 2021Blackburn RoversWest Bromwich Albion
21 Aug 2021Bristol CitySwansea City
21 Aug 2021Cardiff CityMillwall
21 Aug 2021Coventry CityReading
21 Aug 2021Derby CountyMiddlesbrough
21 Aug 2021Fulham Hull City
21 Aug 2021Luton TownBirmingham City
21 Aug 2021Preston North EndPeterborough United
21 Aug 2021Queens Park RangersBarnsley
21 Aug 2021Sheffield UnitedHuddersfield Town
21 Aug 2021Stoke CityNottingham Forest
28 Aug 2021Barnsley Birmingham City
28 Aug 2021Cardiff CityBristol City
28 Aug 2021Derby CountyNottingham Forest
28 Aug 2021Fulham Stoke City
28 Aug 2021Huddersfield TownReading
28 Aug 2021Hull CityA.F.C. Bournemouth
28 Aug 2021Luton TownSheffield United
28 Aug 2021Middlesbrough Blackburn Rovers
28 Aug 2021MillwallBlackpool
28 Aug 2021Peterborough UnitedWest Bromwich Albion
28 Aug 2021Queens Park RangersCoventry City
11 Sept 2021A.F.C. Bournemouth Barnsley
11 Sept 2021Birmingham CityDerby County
11 Sept 2021Blackburn RoversLuton Town
11 Sept 2021Blackpool Fulham
11 Sept 2021Bristol CityPreston North End
11 Sept 2021Coventry CityMiddlesbrough
11 Sept 2021Nottingham ForestCardiff City
11 Sept 2021ReadingQueens Park Rangers
11 Sept 2021Sheffield UnitedPeterborough United
11 Sept 2021Stoke CityHuddersfield Town
11 Sept 2021Swansea CityHull City
11 Sept 2021West Bromwich AlbionMillwall
14 Sept 2021A.F.C. BournemouthQueens Park Rangers
14 Sept 2021Blackburn RoversHull City
14 Sept 2021Blackpool Huddersfield Town
14 Sept 2021ReadingPeterborough United
14 Sept 2021Sheffield United Preston North End
14 Sept 2021West Bromwich AlbionDerby County
15 Sept 2021Birmingham CityFulham
15 Sept 2021Bristol CityLuton Town
15 Sept 2021Coventry CityCardiff Town
15 Sept 2021Nottingham ForestMiddlesbrough
15 Sept 2021Stoke CityBarnsley
15 Sept 2021Swansea CityMillwall
18 Sept 2021Barnsley Blackburn Rovers
18 Sept 2021Cardiff CityA.F.C. Bournemouth
18 Sept 2021Derby CountyStoke City
18 Sept 2021Fulham Reading
18 Sept 2021Huddersfield TownNottingham Forest
18 Sept 2021Hull CitySheffield United
18 Sept 2021Luton TownSwansea City
18 Sept 2021Middlesbrough Blackpool
18 Sept 2021MillwallCoventry City
18 Sept 2021Peterborough UnitedBirmingham City
18 Sept 2021Preston North EndWest Bromwich Albion
18 Sept 2021Queens Park RangersBristol City
25 Sept 2021A.F.C. Bournemouth Luton Town
25 Sept 2021Birmingham CityPreston North End
25 Sept 2021Blackburn RoversCardiff City
25 Sept 2021Blackpool Barnsley
25 Sept 2021Bristol CityFulham
25 Sept 2021Coventry CityPeterborough United
25 Sept 2021Nottingham ForestMillwall
25 Sept 2021ReadingMiddlesborough United
25 Sept 2021Sheffield UnitedDerby County
25 Sept 2021Stoke CityHull City
25 Sept 2021Swansea CityHuddersfield Town
25 Sept 2021West Bromwich AlbionQueens Park Rangers
28 Sept 2021Cardiff CityWest Bromwich Alion
28 Sept 2021Huddersfield TownBlackburn Rovers
28 Sept 2021Hull CityBlackpool
28 Sept 2021Middlesbrough Sheffield United
28 Sept 2021Preston North EndStoke City
28 Sept 2021Queens Park RangersBirmingham City
29 Sept 2021BarnsleyNottingham Forest
29 Sept 2021Derby CountyReading
29 Sept 2021Fulham Swansea City
29 Sept 2021Luton TownCoventry City
29 Sept 2021Millwall Bristol City
29 Sept 2021Peterborough UnitedA.F.C. Bournemouth
2 Oct 2021A.F.C. BournemouthSheffield United
2 Oct 2021BarnsleyMillwall
2 Oct 2021Birmingham CityNottingham United
2 Oct 2021BlackpoolBlackburn Rovers
2 Oct 2021Cardiff CityReading
2 Oct 2021Coventry CityFulham
2 Oct 2021Derby CountySwansea City
2 Oct 2021Hull CityMiddlesbrough
2 Oct 2021Luton Town Hudderfield Town
2 Oct 2021Peterborough UnitedBristol City
2 Oct 2021Queens Park RangersPreston North End
2 Oct 2021Stoke CityWest Bromwich Albion
16 Oct 2021Blackburn RoversCoventry City
16 Oct 2021Bristol CityA.F.C Bournemouth
16 Oct 2021Fulham Queens Park Rangers
16 Oct 2021Huddersfield TownHull City
16 Oct 2021Middlesbrough Peterborough United
16 Oct 2021MillwallLuton Town
16 Oct 2021Nottingham ForestBlackpool
16 Oct 2021Preston North EndDerby County
16 Oct 2021ReadingBarnsley
16 Oct 2021Sheffield UnitedStoke City
16 Oct 2021Swansea CityCardiff City
16 Oct 2021West Bromwich AlbionBirmingham City
19 Oct 2021Bristol City Nottingham Forest
19 Oct 2021Derby CountyLuton Town
19 Oct 2021Fulham Cardiff City
19 Oct 2021Queens Park RangersBlackburn Rovers
19 Oct 2021Sheffield UnitedMillwall
19 Oct 2021Stoke CityA.F.C. Bournemouth
20 Oct 2021Huddersfield TownBirmingham City
20 Oct 2021Hull CityPeterborough United
20 Oct 2021MiddlesbroughBarnsley
20 Oct 2021Preston North EndCoventry City
20 Oct 2021ReadingBlackpool
20 Oct 2021Swansea CityWest Bromwich Albion
23 Oct 2021A.F.C. Bournemouth CityHuddersfield Town
23 Oct 2021BarnsleySheffield United
23 Oct 2021Birmingham CitySwansea City
23 Oct 2021Blackburn RoversReading
23 Oct 2021BlackpoolPreston North End
23 Oct 2021Cardiff CityMiddlesbrough
23 Oct 2021Coventry CityDerby County
23 Oct 2021Luton Town Hull City
23 Oct 2021Millwall Stoke City
23 Oct 2021Nottingham ForestFulham
23 Oct 2021Peterborough United Queens Park Rangers
23 Oct 2021West Bromwich AlbionBristol City
30 Oct 2021Bristol CityBarnsley
30 Oct 2021Derby CountyBlackburn Rovers
30 Oct 2021Fulham West Bromwich Albion
30 Oct 2021Huddersfield TownMillwall
30 Oct 2021Hull CityCoventry City
30 Oct 2021Middlesbrough Birmingham City
30 Oct 2021Preston North EndLuton Town
30 Oct 2021Queens Park RangersNottingham Forest
30 Oct 2021ReadingA.F.C. Bournemouth
30 Oct 2021Sheffield UnitedBlackpool
30 Oct 2021Stoke CityCardiff City
30 Oct 2021Swansea CityBristol City
2 Nov 2021Birmingham CityBristol City
2 Nov 2021Coventry CitySwansea City
2 Nov 2021Luton TownMiddlesbrough
2 Nov 2021MillwallReading
2 Nov 2021Nottingham ForestSheffield United
2 Nov 2021Peterborough UnitedHuddersfield Town
3 Nov 2021A.F.C. BournemouthPreston North End
3 Nov 2021BarnsleyDerby County
3 Nov 2021Blackburn RoversFulham
3 Nov 2021Blackpool Stoke City
3 Nov 2021Cardiff CityQueens Park Rangers
3 Nov 2021West Bromwich AlbionHull City
6 Nov 2021A.F.C. BournemouthSwansea City
6 Nov 2021BarnsleyHull City
6 Nov 2021Birmingham CityReading
6 Nov 2021Blackburn RoversSheffield United
6 Nov 2021Blackpool Queens Park Rangers
6 Nov 2021Cardiff CityHuddersfield Town
6 Nov 2021Coventry CityBristol City
6 Nov 2021Luton TownStoke City
6 Nov 2021MillwallDerby Couty
6 Nov 2021Nottingham ForestPreston North End
6 Nov 2021Peterborough UnitedFulham
6 Nov 2021West Bromwich AlbionMiddlesbrough
20 Nov 2021Bristol CityBlackburn Rovers
20 Nov 2021Derby CountyA.F.C. Bournemouth
20 Nov 2021Fulham Barnsley
20 Nov 2021Huddersfield TownWest Bromwich Albion
20 Nov 2021Hull CityBirmingham City
20 Nov 2021MiddlesbroughMillwall
20 Nov 2021Preston North EndCardiff City
20 Nov 2021Queens Park RangersLuton Town
20 Nov 2021ReadingNottingham Forest
20 Nov 2021Sheffield UnitedCoventry City
20 Nov 2021Stoke CityPeterborough United
20 Nov 2021Swansea CityBlackpool
23 Nov 2021BlackpoolWest Bromwich Albion
23 Nov 2021Coventry CityBirmingham City
23 Nov 2021FulhamDerby County
23 Nov 2021Middlesbrough Preston North End
23 Nov 2021Nottingham Forest Luton Town
23 Nov 2021ReadingSheffield United
24 Nov 2021BarnsleySwansea City
24 Nov 2021Blackburn RoversPeterborough United
24 Nov 2021Bristol CityStoke City
24 Nov 2021Cardiff CityHull City
24 Nov 2021MillwallA.F.C. Bournemouth
24 Nov 2021Queens Park RangersHuddersfield Town
27 Nov 2021A.F.C. BournemouthCoventry City
27 Nov 2021Birmingham CityBlackpool
27 Nov 2021Derby CountyQueens Park Rangers
27 Nov 2021Huddersfield TownMiddlesbrough
27 Nov 2021Hull CityMillwall
27 Nov 2021Luton TownCardiff City
27 Nov 2021Peterborough UnitedBarnsley
27 Nov 2021Preston North EndFulham
27 Nov 2021Sheffield United Bristol City
27 Nov 2021Stoke CityBlackburn Rovers
27 Nov 2021Swansea CityReading
27 Nov 2021West Bromwich AlbionNottingham Forest
04 Dec 2021BarnsleyHuddersfield Town
04 Dec 2021Blackburn RoversPreston North End
04 Dec 2021Bristol CityDerby County
04 Dec 2021Cardiff CitySheffield United
04 Dec 2021Coventry CityWest Bromwich Albion
04 Dec 2021Fulham A.F.C. Bromwich Albion
04 Dec 2021MiddlesbroughSwansea City
04 Dec 2021Millwall Birmingham City
04 Dec 2021Nottingham ForestPeterborough United
04 Dec 2021Queens Park RangersStoke City
04 Dec 2021Reading Hull City
11 Dec 2021A.F.C. BournemouthBlackburn Rovers
11 Dec 2021Birmingham CityCardiff City
11 Dec 2021Derby CountyBlackpool
11 Dec 2021Huddersfield TownCoventry City
11 Dec 2021Hull CityBristol City
11 Dec 2021Luton Town Fulham
11 Dec 2021Peterborough UnitedMillwall
11 Dec 2021Preston North EndBarnsley
11 Dec 2021Sheffield UnitedQueens Park Rangers
11 Dec 2021Stoke CityMiddlesbrough
11 Dec 2021Swansea City Nottingham Forest
11 Dec 2021West Bromwich AlbionReading
18 Dec 2021Barnsley West Bromwich Albion
18 Dec 2021Blackburn RoversBirmingham City
18 Dec 2021Blackpool Peterborough United
18 Dec 2021Bristol CityHuddersfield Town
18 Dec 2021Cardiff CityDerby County
18 Dec 2021Coventry CityStoke City
18 Dec 2021Fulham Sheffield United
18 Dec 2021Middlesbrough A.F.C. Bournemouth
18 Dec 2021Millwall Preston North End
18 Dec 2021Nottingham ForestHull City
18 Dec 2021Queens Park RangersSwansea City
18 Dec 2021Reading Luton Town
26 Dec 2021Barnsley Stoke City
26 Dec 2021Cardiff CityCoventry City
26 Dec 2021Derby CountyWest Bromwich Albion
26 Dec 2021Fulham Birmingham City
26 Dec 2021Huddersfield TownBlackpool
26 Dec 2021Hull CityBlackburn Rovers
26 Dec 2021Luton TownBristol City
26 Dec 2021MiddlesbroughNottingham Forest
26 Dec 2021MillwallSwansea City
26 Dec 2021Peterborough United Reading
26 Dec 2021Preston North EndSheffield United
26 Dec 2021Queens Park RangersA.F.C. Bournemouth
29 Dec 2021A.F.C. BournemouthCardiff City
29 Dec 2021Birmingham CityPeterborough United
29 Dec 2021Blackburn CityPeterborough United
29 Dec 2021Blackburn RoversBarnsey
29 Dec 2021Blackpool Middlesbrough
29 Dec 2021Bristol CityQueens Park Rangers
29 Dec 2021Coventry CityMillwall
29 Dec 2021Nottingham Forest Huddersfield Town
29 Dec 2021Reading Fulham
29 Dec 2021Sheffield UnitedHull City
29 Dec 2021Stoke CityDerby County
29 Dec 2021Swansea CityLuton Town
29 Dec 2021West Bromwich AlbionPreston North End
01 Jan 2022A.F.C. Bournemouth Peterborough United
01 Jan 2022Birmingham CityQueens Park Rangers
01 Jan 2022Blackburn RoversHuddersfield Town
01 Jan 2022Blackpool Hull City
01 Jan 2022Bristol CityMillwall
01 Jan 2022Coventry City Luton Town
01 Jan 2022Nottingham ForestBarnsley
01 Jan 2022Reading Derby County
01 Jan 2022Sheffield UnitedMiddlesbrough
01 Jan 2022Stoke CityPreston North End
01 Jan 2022Swansea CityFulham
01 Jan 2022West Bromwich AlbionCardiff City
15 Jan 2022Barnsley Blackpool
15 Jan 2022Cardiff CityBlackburn Rovers
15 Jan 2022Derby CountySheffield United
15 Jan 2022Fulham Bristol City
15 Jan 2022Huddersfield TownSwansea City
15 Jan 2022Hull CityStoke City
15 Jan 2022Luton Town A.F.C. Bournemouth
15 Jan 2022MiddlesbroughReading
15 Jan 2022MillwallNottingham Forest
15 Jan 2022Peterborough UnitedCoventry City
15 Jan 2022Preston North EndBirmingham City
15 Jan 2022Queens Park RangersWest Bromwich Albion
22 Jan 2022A.F.C. Bournemouth Hull City
22 Jan 2022Birmingham CityBarnsley
22 Jan 2022Blackburn RoversMiddlesbrough
22 Jan 2022Blackpool Millwall
22 Jan 2022Bristol CityCardiff City
22 Jan 2022Coventry CityQueens Park Rangers
22 Jan 2022Nottingham ForestDerby County
22 Jan 2022ReadingHuddersfield Town
22 Jan 2022Sheffield UnitedLuton Town
22 Jan 2022Stoke CityFulham
22 Jan 2022Swansea CityPreston North End
22 Jan 2022West Bromwich AlbionPeterborough United
29 Jan 2022Barnsley A.F.C. Bournemouth
29 Jan 2022Cardiff CityNottingham Forest
29 Jan 2022Derby CountyBirmingham City
29 Jan 2022FulhamBlackpool
29 Jan 2022Huddersfield TownStoke City
29 Jan 2022Hull CitySwansea City
29 Jan 2022Luton TownBlackburn Rovers
29 Jan 2022MiddlesbroughCoventry City
29 Jan 2022Millwall West Bromwich Albion
29 Jan 2022Peterborough UnitedSheffield United
29 Jan 2022Preston North EndBristol City
29 Jan 2022Queens Park RangersReading
05 Feb 2022BarnsleyCardiff City
05 Feb 2022Birmingham Cty Sheffield United
05 Feb 2022Blackpool Bristol City
05 Feb 2022Huddersfield TownDerby County
05 Feb 2022Hull CityPreston North End
05 Feb 2022MiddlesbroughFulham
05 Feb 2022Millwall Queens Park Rangers
05 Feb 2022Nottingham ForestCoventry City
05 Feb 2022Peterborough UnitedLuton Town
05 Feb 2022Reading Stoke City
05 Feb 2022Swansea CityBlackburn Rovers
05 Feb 2022West Bromwich Albion A.F.C Bournemouth
08 Feb 2022Cardiff CityPeterborough United
08 Feb 2022Coventry CityBlackpool
08 Feb 2022Derby CountyHull City
08 Feb 2022Fulham Millwall
08 Feb 2022Luton TownBarnsley
08 Feb 2022Stoke CitySwansea City
09 Feb 2022A.F.C. Bournemouth Birmingham City
09 Feb 2022Blackburn RoversNottingham Forest
09 Feb 2022Bristol CityReading
09 Feb 2022Preston North EndHuddersfield Town
09 Feb 2022Queens Park RangersMiddlesbrough
09 Feb 2022Sheffield UnitedWest Bromwich Albion
12 Feb 2022Barnsley Queens Park Rangers
12 Feb 2022Birmingham CityLuton Town
12 Feb 2022Blackpool A.F.C. Bournemouth
12 Feb 2022Huddersfield TownSheffield United
12 Feb 2022Hull CityFulham
12 Feb 2022MiddlesbroughDerby County
12 Feb 2022MillwallCardiff City
12 Feb 2022Nottingham ForestStoke City
12 Feb 2022Peterborough UnitedPreston North End
12 Feb 2022Reading Coventry City
12 Feb 2022Swansea CityBristol City
12 Feb 2022West Bromwich AlbionBlackburn Rovers
19 Feb 2022A.F.C. BournemouthNottingham Forest
19 Feb 2022Blackburn RoversMillwall
19 Feb 2022Bristol CityMiddlesbrough
19 Feb 2022Cardiff CityBlackpool
19 Feb 2022Covnetry CityBarnsley
19 Feb 2022Derby CountyPeterborough United
19 Feb 2022Fulham Huddersfield Town
19 Feb 2022Luton Town West Bromwich Albion
19 Feb 2022Preston North EndReading
19 Feb 2022Queens Park RangersHull city
19 Feb 2022Sheffield UnitedSwansea City
19 Feb 2022Stoke CityBirmingham City
22 Feb 2022Bristol CityCoventry City
22 Feb 2022Hull CityBarnsley
22 Feb 2022MiddlesbroughWest Bromwich Albion
22 Feb 2022Preston North EndNottingham Forest
22 Feb 2022Reading Birmingham City
22 Feb 2022Swansea CityAF.C. Bournemouth
23 Feb 2022Derby CountyMillwall
23 Feb 2022Fulham Peterborough United
23 Feb 2022Huddersfield TownCardiff City
23 Feb 2022Queens Park RangersBlackpool
23 Feb 2022Sheffield UnitedBlackburn Rovers
23 Feb 2022Stoke CityLuton Town
26 Feb 2022A.F.C. BournemouthStoke City
26 Feb 2022BarnsleyMiddlesbrough
26 Feb 2022Birmingham CityHuddersfield Town
26 Feb 2022Blackburn RoversQueens Park Rangers
26 Feb 2022BlackpoolReading
26 Feb 2022Cardiff CityFulham
26 Feb 2022Coventry CityPreston North End
26 Feb 2022Luton TownDerby County
26 Feb 2022MillwallSheffield United
26 Feb 2022Nottingham ForestBristol City
26 Feb 2022Peterborough UnitedHull City
26 Feb 2022West Bromwich AlbionSwansea City
05 Mar 2022Bristol CityBirmingham City
05 Mar 2022Derby CountyBarnsley
05 Mar 2022FulhamBlackburn Rovers
05 Mar 2022Huddersfield TownPeterborough United
05 Mar 2022Hull CityWest Bromwich Albion
05 Mar 2022MiddlesbroughLuton Town
05 Mar 2022Preston North EndA.F.C. Bournemouth
05 Mar 2022Queens Park RangersCardiff City
05 Mar 2022REadingMillwall
05 Mar 2022Sheffield UnitedNottingham Forest
05 Mar 2022Stoke CityBlackpool
05 Mar 2022Swansea CityCoventry City
12 Mar 2022A.F.C. Bournemouth Derby Coutny
12 Mar 2022Barnsley Fulham
12 Mar 2022Birmingham CityHull City
12 Mar 2022 Blackburn RoversBristol City
12 Mar 2022BlackpoolSwansea City
12 Mar 2022Cardiff CityPreston North End
12 Mar 2022Coventry CitySheffield United
12 Mar 2022Luton TownQueens Park Rangers
12 Mar 2022Millwall Middlesbrough
12 Mar 2022Nottingham ForestReading
12 Mar 2022Peterborough UnitedStoke City
12 Mar 2022West Bromwich AlbionHuddersfield Town
15 Mar 2022A.F.C. BrounemouthReading
15 Mar 2022Barnsley Bristol City
15 Mar 2022Birmingham CityMiddlesbrough
15 Mar 2022Blackburn RoversDerby County
15 Mar 2022Nottingham Forest Queens Park Rangers
15 Mar 2022West Bromwich AlbionFulham
16 Mar 2022Blackpool Sheffield Unitd
16 Mar 2022Cardiff CityStoke city
16 Mar 2022Coventry CityHull City
16 Mar 2022Luton TownPreston North End
16 Mar 2022MillwallHuddersfield Town
16 Mar 2022Peterborough UnitedSwansea City
19 Mar 2022Bristol CityWest Bromwich Albion
19 Mar 2022Derby CountyCoventry City
19 Mar 2022Fulham Nottingham Forest
19 Mar 2022Huddersfield TownA.F.C. Bournemouth
19 Mar 2022Hull CityLuton Town
19 Mar 2022Middlesbrough Cardiff City
19 Mar 2022Preston North EndBlackpool
19 Mar 2022Queens ark RangersPeterborough United
19 Mar 2022Reading Blackburn Rovers
19 Mar 2022Sheffield UnitedBarnsley
19 Mar 2022Stoke CityMillwall
19 Mar 2022Swansea CityBirmingham City
02 Apr 2022A.F.C. BournemouthBristol City
02 Apr 2022BarnsleyReading
02 Apr 2022Birmingham CityWest Bromwich Albion
02 Apr 2022BlackpoolNottingham Forest
02 Apr 2022Cardiff CitySwansea city
02 Apr 2022Coventry CityBlackburn Rovers
02 Apr 2022Derby CountyPreston North End
02 Apr 2022Hull CityHuddersfield Town
02 Apr 2022Luton TownMillwall
02 Apr 2022Peterborough UnitedMiddlesbrough
02 Apr 2022Queens Park RangersFulham
02 Apr 2022Stoke CitySheffield United
09 Apr 2022Blackburn RoversBlackpool
09 Apr 2022Bristol CityPeterborough United
09 Apr 2022FulhamCoventry City
09 Apr 2022Huddersfield TownLuton Town
09 Apr 2022MiddlesbroughHull City
09 Apr 2022MillwallBarnsley
09 Apr 2022Nottingham ForestBirmingham City
09 Apr 2022Preston North EndQueens Park Rangers
09 Apr 2022ReadingCardiff City
09 Apr 2022Sheffield UnitedA.F.C. Bournemouth
09 Apr 2022Swansea CityDerby County
09 Apr 2022West Bromwich AlbionStoke City
15 Apr 2022A.F.C. BournemouthMiddlesbrough
15 Apr 2022Birmingham CityCoventry City
15 Apr 2022Derby CountyFulham
15 Apr 2022Huddersfield TownQueens Park Rangers
15 Apr 2022Hull CityCardiff City
15 Apr 2022Luton TownNottingham Forest
15 Apr 2022Peterborough UnitedBlackburn Raovers
15 Apr 2022Preston North EndMillwall
15 Apr 2022Sheffield UnitedReading
15 Apr 2022Stoke CityBristol City
15 Apr 2022Swansea CityBarnsley
15 Apr 2022West Bromwich AlbionBlackpool
18 Apr 2022Barnsley Peterborough United
18 Apr 2022Blackburn RoversStoke City
18 Apr 2022Blackpool Birmingham City
18 Apr 2022Bristol CitySheffield United
18 Apr 2022Cardiff CityLuton Town
18 Apr 2022Coventry CityA.F.C. Bournemouth
18 Apr 2022Fulham Preston North End
18 Apr 2022Middlesbrough ForestWest Bromwich Albion
18 Apr 2022MillwallHull City
18 Apr 2022Nottingham ForestWest Bromwich Albion
18 Apr 2022Queens Park RangersDerby County
18 Apr 2022ReadingSwansea City
23 Apr 2022A.F.C. BournemouthFulham
23 Apr 2022Birmingham CityMillwall
23 Apr 2022Derby CountyBristol City
23 Apr 2022Huddersfield TownBarnsley
23 Apr 2022Hull CityReading
23 Apr 2022Luton TownBlackpool
23 Apr 2022Peterborough UnitedNottingham Forest
23 Apr 2022Preston North EndBlackburn Rovers
23 Apr 2022Sheffield UnitedCardiff City
23 Apr 2022Stoke CityQueens Park Rangers
23 Apr 2022Swansea CityQueens Park Rangers
23 Apr 2022West Bromwich AlbionCoventry City
30 Apr 2022BarnsleyPreston North End
30 Apr 2022Blackburn RoversA.F.C. Bournemouth
30 Apr 2022BlackpoolDerby County
30 Apr 2022Bristol CityHull City
30 Apr 2022Cardiff CityBirmingham City
30 Apr 2022Coventry CityHuddersfield Town
30 Apr 2022Fulham Luton Town
30 Apr 2022Middlesbrough Stoe City
30 Apr 2022MillwallPeterborough United
30 Apr 2022Nottingham ForestSwansea City
30 Apr 2022Queens Park RangersSheffield United
30 Apr 2022ReadingWest Bromwich Alboin
7 May 2022A.F.C. Bournemouth Millwall
7 May 2022Birmingham CityBlackburn Rovers
7 May 2022Derby CountyCardiff City
7 May 2022Huddersfield TownBristol City
7 May 2022Hull CityNottingham Forest
7 May 2022Luton TownReading
7 May 2022Peterborough UnitedBlackpool
7 May 2022Preston North EndMiddlesbrough
7 May 2022Sheffield UnitedFulham
7 May 2022Stoke CityCoventry City
7 May 2022Swansea CityQueens Park Rangers
7 May 2022West Bromwich AlbionBarnsley

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