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Who are the Top 10 Most Popular Bodybuilders in India?

Indian Bodybuilders are worldwide Popular Bodybuilders. The Archive many International as well as Domestic Competitions. India Seen the Growth of Indian Bodybuilders. There are many Bodybuilders who made their Name in Bodybuilding Sport. So the Top 10 Bodybuilders list is available here on our Page. Check out below the current top 10 Check out Top Most Popular Bodybuilders in India.

Suhas Khamkar

Suhas Khamkar Comes from Fitness Experts and Bodybuilders. Whereas he is from Koljhapur in Maharasthra. He is one of the most Popular Bodybuilders in India. The Fitness experts as well as Emerging Bodybuilders take him as an Inspiration to Start their Bodybuilding Carrier. He Wins many uncountable awards in his carrier.

Most Popular Bodybuilders in India

Best Achievements

  • First Indian Bodybuilder to achieve PRO CARD.
  • Mr. Amateur Olympia (2018)-Champion of Champion.
  • Mr. Asia Body Building Title (2010).
  • Mr. Olympia Amateur Body Building 1st Runner-up (2012).
  • Mr. World Bodybuilding 1st Runner-up (2010–11).
  • Ten-Time Mr. India Body Building Title (2004, 2006 To 2015).

Sangram Choughule

Sangram Choughule wins Mr. India Title Six times While Mr. Maharashtra Title Five Titles. He Is Popular in Bodybuilding Industry as well as on Social Media Platforms. He is the Idol of Many Young Bodybuilders. Whereas he is also from Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

Sangram Choughule one of Most Popular Bodybuilders in India

Best Achievements

  • 2012: Gold Medal. Bangkok
  • 2014: Gold Medal. Mumbai, India
  • 2012: Gold Medal. Bangkok
  • 2011: Bronze Medal. Malaysia
  • 2012: Silver Medal. China
  • 2011: Bronze Medal. Bangkok
  • 2010: 5th Place. Bahrain

Murali Kumar

Murali Kumar is Software Engineer and he surves in the Navy. One of the most interesting Parts he never dreamed of Bodybuilding. But when he got his legs fracture, the Doctor advertises him to Join Gym as a Recovery therapy. From there he’s emerged as one of the Popular bodybuilders. He also participated in the 2012 Asian Bodybuilding Championship.

Murali Kumar one of Most Popular Bodybuilders in India

Best Achievements

  • Continuously won the title of Mr. India in 2013 and 2014
  • Won the coveted Mr. Olympia title 6 consecutive times.

Ankur Sharma

He is Bronze Medal Winner at Arnold Classic 2016 Which was held in Melbourne. Whereas he is popularly known as one of the most Gifted Bodybuilders of the Younger Generation. Ankur Sharma is from Delhi and also win the World Title in 2013. He is popular for his Natural Approach to Bodybuilding.

Ankur Sharma one of Most Popular Bodybuilders in India

Best Achievements

  • Gold in the WBPF world championship in 2013.
  • Won the Mr. India title in 2012.
  • Second in the Mr. India title in 2013
  • He won the Mr.Universe title in 2009.
  • Mr.South Asia title in 2009

Rajendra Mani

Rajendra Mani Becomes a Bodybuilder at a very young age. After that, He Serves in Air Force for Long 15 years. After Completing his Service he again showed his interest in Bodybuilding. He is known as one of the most experienced and Hardworking Bodybuilders in India.

Rajendra Mani one of Most Popular Bodybuilders in India

Best Achievements

  • Champion of the champions, a record eight times.
  • Won the world championship of bodybuilding.
  • Crowned with the title of Mr. India.

Hira Lal

Hira Lal Showed to World that Vegetarian can be the Extreme Bodybuilder. Without Non-veg food Hira Lal proved one can make a ripped and Healthy Body. Whereas Hira Lal Achieve Many Awards in his Entire carrier of Bodybuilding. Many Prestigious Awards are in the name of Hira Lal.

Hira Lal one of Most Popular Bodybuilders in India

Best Achievements

  • Won 65th World Bodybuilding Championship and was crowned Mr. Universe.
  • Federation Cup 4 times.
  • Eight times champion of Punjab.
  • Mr.India title twice.
  • National Gold medal thrice.
  • Jr. Mr. India in 2000
  • Mr. Asia title in 2010
  • Mr. World Gold in 2011.
  • Mr. Olympia Amateur 2012.
  • Silver medal in the 2012-13 Arnold Classic Amateur.

Thakur Anoop Singh

He is one of the Most Popular Bodybuilders in India. Along with Bodybuilding by profession, he is a pilot and also Actor. He was often seen in Kannada movies and TVs. While he is also popular for his role as Dhritarashtra in Mahabharata. Thakur Anoop Singh is quite active on the Social Media Platform.

Thakur Anoop Singh one of Most Popular Bodybuilders in India

Best Achievements

  • Anup is won the 7th WBPF World Bodybuilding Championship in Thailand in 2015
  • He also wins the 49th Asian Championship in Uzbekistan in 2015
  • Sing’s is also won Fit Factor – Mr. India 2015

Amit Chhetri

Since 2006 Amit Chhetri work as Constable in Uttarkhand. Whereas the Popular Bodybuilder hails from Deharadun. Amit Chhetri is Indian Gorkha Body Builder. He is popular because of Along with the Police Service he is the star of the Bodybuilding world.

Amit Chhetri one of Most Popular Bodybuilders in India

Varinder Singh Ghuman

He is Popular for his Physiques and he is also a Wrestler. The Popular Bodybuilder is From Punjab. Because of his popularity, he also starred in few films in Punjab. Varinder Singh Ghuman is also Vegeterian Bodybuilder.

Varinder Singh Ghuman one of Most Popular Bodybuilders in India

Wasim Khan

The Bodybuilder is known for his Hardworking approach and Humbleness. Whereas 2015 and 2016 was his Best year. He achieves Immense Success in that year. He wins IBFF Competition for three consecutive years in 2015, 2016, 2017.

Wasim Khan one of Most Popular Bodybuilders in India

Sunit Jadhav

Sunit is a former Indian bodybuilder. He is born on 21 December 1992 in Nanded. Sunit is a professional bodybuilder from Maharashtra. He is won many titles including Mr.Dubai International and Mr. India in 2017.

Sunit Jadhav one of Most Popular Bodybuilders in India
  • Federation cup overall championship in 2014.
  • Mumbai Shree 2014.
  • He won Maharashtra Shree in 2014,2015 and 2016.
  • Mr.Dubai International in 2016.
  • He won Mr.India 2017 title in March 2017.
  • Won the Mr.Asia title in 2018.

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