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Premier League Fixtures 2021-22, Full Match Schedule, Teams List


Premier League 2021-22 Schedule will begin from 13th August 2021. While it will conclude on 22nd May 2022. It will be the 30th Season of the Premier League competition. and also Premier League s the top English Proffessuion League for Association football clubs. 2021-22 Edition of Premier League will be the third edition to use the VAR review system. So check out the Premier League Fixtures 2021-22, Full Match Schedule, Teams List.

The Upcoming Season of Premier League will feature Twenty teams. Teams will face each other in the competition. Seventeen Teams are from the previous season while Three Teams are promoted from the Championships. Manchester City is the defending champions of the Premier League. In the previous season, Manchester City claims Fifth Premier League Title. While Manchester United is the most successful team with 13 Titles. So check out Premier League Fixtures 2021-22.

Premier League Fixtures 2021-22


Premier League Fixtures 2021-22

The complete Fixtures and schedule of Prem League 2021-22 released on 16th June 2021. And it is available here. So make sure you check out below. Arsenal is all set to kick off Tournament. Brentford v Arsenal will play the opening match of Premier League 2021-22. Total of 380 matches schedules to play in Premier League 2021-22. The latest edition of Premier League 2021-22 will conclude on 22nd May 2022.

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Team List:

Aston Villa
Brighton & Hove Albian
Crystal Palace
Leeds United
Leicester City
Manchester City
Manchester United
Newcastle United
Norwich City
Tottenham Hotspur
West Ham United
Wolverhampton Wanderers

Premier League 2021-22 Full Match Schedule

13th Aug, Fri:

Brentford vs Arsenal

14th Aug,Sat

  • Man Utd vs Leeds
  • Burnley vs Brighton
  • Chelsea vs Crystal Palace
  • Everton vs Southampton
  • Leicester vs Wolves
  • Watford vs Aston Villa
  • Norwich vs Liverpool

15th Aug, Sun:

  • Newcastle vs West Ham
  • Spurs vs Man City

21st Aug, Sat:

  • Liverpool vs Burnley
  • Aston Villa vs Newcastle
  • Crystal Palace vs Brentford
  • Leeds vs Everton
  • Man city vs Norwich
  • Brighton vs Watford

22nd Aug, Sun:

Southampton vs Man Utd

23rd Aug, Mon:

West Ham vs Leicester

28th Aug, Sat:

  • Man City vs Arsenal
  • Aston Villa vs Brentford
  • Brighton vs Everton
  • New Castle vs Southampton
  • Norwich vs Leicester
  • West Ham vs Crystal Palace
  • Liverpool vs Chelsea

29th Aug, Sun:

  • Burnley vs Leeds
  • Spurs vs Watford
  • Wolves vs Man Utd

11th September, Sat:

  • Arsenal vs Norwich
  • Brentford vs Brighton
  • Chelsea vs Aston Villa
  • Crystal Palace vs Spurs
  • Everton vs Burnley
  • Leeds vs Liverpool
  • Liecsester vs Man City
  • Man Utd vs Newcastle
  • Southampton vs West Ham
  • Watford vs Wolves

18th Sep, Sat:

  • Aston Villa vs Everton
  • Brighton vs Leicester
  • Burnley vs Arsenal
  • Liverpool vs Crystal Palace
  • Man City vs Southampton
  • New Castle vs Leeds
  • Norwich vs Watford
  • Spurs vs Chelsea
  • West Ham vs Man Utd
  • Wolves vs Brentford

25th Sep, Sat:

  • Arsenal vs Spurs
  • Brentford vs Liverpool
  • Chelsea vs Man City
  • Crystal Palace vs Brighton
  • Everton vs Norwich
  • Leeds vs West Ham
  • Liecester vs Burnley
  • Man Utd vs Aston Villa
  • Southampton vs Wolves
  • Watford vs Newcastle

2nd Oct, Sat:

  • Brighton vs Arsenal
  • Burnley vs Norwich
  • Chelsea vs Southampton
  • Crystal Palace vs Liecester
  • Leeds vs Watford
  • Liverpool vs Man City
  • Man Utd vs Everton
  • Spurs vs Aston Villa
  • West Han vs Brentford
  • Wolves vs Newcastle

16th Oct, Sat:

  • Arsenal vs Crystal Palace
  • Ast Villa vs Wolves
  • Brentford vs Chelsea
  • Everton vs West Ham
  • Liecester vs Man Utd
  • Man City vs Burnely
  • Newcastle vs Spurs
  • Norwich vs Brighton
  • Southampton vs Leeds
  • Watford vs Liverpool

23rd Oct, Sat:

  • Arsenal vs Aston Villa
  • Brentford vs Liecester
  • Brighton vs Man City
  • Chelsea vs Norwich
  • Crystal Palace vs Newcastle
  • Everton vs Watford
  • Leeds vs Wolves
  • Man Utd vs Liverpool
  • Southampton vs Burnley
  • West Ham vs Spurs

30th Oct, Sat:

  • Aston Villa vs West Ham
  • Burnley vs Brentford
  • Leicester vs Arsenal
  • Liverpool vs Brighton
  • Man City vs Crystal Palace
  • Newcastle vs Chelsea
  • Norwich vs Leeds
  • Spurs vs Man Utd
  • Watford vs Southampton
  • Wolves vs Everton

6th Nov, Sat:

  • Arsenal vs Watford
  • Brentford vs Norwich
  • Brighton vs Newcastle
  • Cheslea vs Burnley
  • Crystal palace vs Wolves
  • Everton vs Spurs
  • Leeds vs Leicester
  • Man Utd vs Man City
  • Southampton vs Aston Villa
  • West Ham vs Liverpool

20th Nov, Sat:

  • Aston Villa vs Brighton
  • Burnley vs Crystal Palace
  • Leicester vs Chelsea
  • Liverpool vs Arsenal
  • Man City vs Everton
  • Newcastle vs Brentford
  • Norwich vs Southampton
  • Sours vs Leeds
  • Watford vs Man Utd
  • Wolves vs West Ham

27th Nov, Sat:

  • Arsenal vs Newcastle
  • Brentford vs Everton
  • Brighton vs Leeds
  • Burnley vs Spurs
  • Chelsea vs Man Utd
  • Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa
  • Leicester vs Watford
  • Liverpool vs Southampton
  • Man City vs West Ham
  • Norwich vs Wolves

30th Nov, Tue:

  • Aston Villa vs Man City
  • Everton vs Liverpool
  • Leeds vs Crystal Palace
  • Watford vs Chelsea
  • West Ham vs Brighton
  • Wolves vs Burnley
  • Man Utd vs Arsenal

1st Dec, Wed:

  • Newcastle vs Norwich
  • Southampton vs Liecester
  • Spurs vs Brentford

4th Dec, Sat:

  • Aston Villa vs Liecester
  • Everton vs Arsenal
  • Leeds vs Brentford
  • Man Utd vs Crystal Palace
  • Newcastle vs Burnley
  • Southampton vs Brighton
  • Spurs vs Norwich
  • Watford vs Man City
  • West Ham vs Chelsea
  • Wolves vs Liverpool

11th Dec, Sat:

  • Arsenal vs Southampton
  • Brentford vs Watford
  • Brighton vs Spurs
  • Bunrley West Ham
  • Chelsea vs Leeds
  • Crystal Palace vs Everton
  • Liecester vs Newcastle
  • Liverpool vs Aston Villa
  • Manty vs Wolves
  • Noriwch vs Man Utd

14th Dec, Tue:

  • Arsenal vs West Ham
  • Brentford vs Man Utd
  • Brighton vs Wolves
  • Burnley vs Watford
  • Liecester vs Spurs
  • Norwich vs Aston Villa
  • Crystal Palace vs Southampton

15th Dec, Wed:

  • Chelsea vs Everton
  • Liverpool vs Newcastle
  • Man City vs Leeds

18th Dec, Sat:

  • Aston Villa vs Burnley
  • Evertonvs Liecester
  • Leeds vs Arsenal
  • Man Utd Brighton
  • Newcastle vs Man City
  • Southampton vs Brentford
  • Spurs vs Liverpool
  • Watford vs Crystal Palace
  • West Ham vs Norwich
  • Wolves vs Chelsea

26th Dec, Sun:

  • Aston Villa vs Chelsea
  • Brighton vs Brentford
  • Burnley vs Everton
  • Liverpool vs Leeds
  • Man City vs Leicester
  • Newcastle vs Man Utd
  • Norwich Arsenal
  • Spurs vs Crytsal Palace
  • West Ham vs Southampton
  • Wolves vs Watford

28th Dec, Tue:

  • Arsenal vs Wolves
  • Brentford vs Man City
  • Chelsea vs Brighton
  • Crystal Palace vs Norwich
  • Everton vs Newcastle
  • Leeds vs Aston Villa
  • Liecester vs Liverpool
  • Man Utd Burnley
  • Southampton vs Spurs
  • Watford vs West Ham

1st Jan, Sat:

  • Arsenal vs Man City
  • Brentford Aston Vlla
  • Chelsea vs Liverpool
  • Crystal Palace vs West Ham
  • Everton vs Brighton
  • Leeds vs Burnley
  • Liecxester vs Norwich
  • Man Utd vs Wolves
  • Southampton vs Newcastle
  • Watford vs Spurs

15th Jan, Sat:

  • Aston Villa vs Man Utd
  • Brighton vs Crystal palaceBurnley vs Liecester
  • Liverpool brentford
  • Man City vs Chelsea
  • Newcsastle vs Watford
  • Norwich vs Everton
  • Spurs vs Arsenal
  • West Ham vs Leeds
  • Wolves vs Southampton

22nd Jan, Sat:

  • Arsenal vs Burnley
  • Brentford vs Wolves
  • Chelsea vs Spurs
  • Crystal Pae vs Liverpool
  • Everton vs Aston Villa
  • Leeds vs Newcastle
  • Liecester vs Brighton
  • Man Utd vs West Ham
  • Southampton vs Man City
  • Watford vs Norwich

8th Feb, Tue:

  • Aston Villa vs Leeds
  • Brighton vs Chelsea
  • Burnley vs Man Utd
  • Norwich vs Crystal Palace
  • West Ham vs Watford
  • Wolves vs Arsenal

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