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The highest-paid WNBA players



WBNA is back with a bang with its 26th season. As per reports, this year’s campaign is looking like one of the most happening years for the WNBA. The sports industry has always been the highest-paid sector across the globe. Compared to most sectors, sports have always brought players fame and money. Football players are the highest-paid players with millions of worth of endorsements. 

However, not all sports gain much to pay and attention from people. WNBA is a different category from NBA, you’ll find a huge gap in their pay cheques. Whether you talk about WNBA contracts, prize money, or endorsements, they have lower pay than NBA

But that doesn’t mean they don’t get enough money. With WNBA’s new season set to roll, talks have started about players and their contracts.  From Candice Parker to Diana Taurasi, WNBA has contracted with players with the highest salaries in 2022. 

Let’s find out the top 5 highest paid  WNBA players in 2022 

#1 Mercury G Diana Taurasi 

Mercury G Diana Taurasi 
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WNBA Max salary – $228,094 

Agreement/Contract – 2 years with $449,544

Annual- $224,772

She was picked by Phoenix  Mercury in 2004. She is 3 times WNBA champion, 2 times WNBA finals MVP, and a one-time WNBA MVP. 

#2 Strom F Breanna Stewart 

Strom F Breanna Stewart
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WNBA Max Salary – $228,094

Agreement/Contract – 1 year with $ 228, 094

Annual- $228,094

Breanna Stewart was picked by the Seattle Storm. She is a two-time WNBA champion in 2018, and 2020. She is a three-time all-star, one-time WNBA final MVP, and two-time finals WNBA players. 

#3 Candace Parker 

Candace Parker
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WNBA Salary- $ 195000

Agreement/Contract – $1.5 Million 

Candance Parker was picked by Chicago Sky. She is a WNBA champion in 2016, WNBA finals MVP, and 2 times WNBA MVP. She has won gold medals in the Beijing and London Olympics. 

#4 Sue Bird 

Sue Bird 
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WNBA Salary- $221,450

Agreement/Contract- $500,000

Sue Bird was picked by the Seattle Storm in 2002, later she re-signed with them with a guaranteed Salary. She is a four-time Champion of WNBA, and 12 times WNBA all-star players.

#5 Brittney Yevette Griner 

Brittney Yevette Griner
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WNBA Salary- $221,515

Agreement/Contract- $1 Million 

Brittney is the first pick for Mercury. She was the WNBA champion of 2014 and a seven-time all-star. She is an active member of Phoenix Mercury.